Mono Packaging

What is mono material packaging and why is it beneficial to the environment?

Mono material packaging is a product that is made of just one type of material such as plastic, glass or resin. Components of the package are made from the same material. See an example of an aluminum tube with an aluminum cap below.


Much of the packaging in the market today consists of products made from several different types of materials. For example, a traditional cosmetic bottle may have a PET vessel, a PP cap and collar and a PP and steel spring pump actuator. Each of these materials requires a different recycling stream and the consumer is not likely to separate the different materials at home so the likely place this empty product will end up is at the local land fill.

Improving recyclability of single use plastics is now an expectation rather than a desire.

Consumers and big brands have become aware of the recycling problems that are facing the industry. Improving recyclability of single use plastics is now an expectation rather than a desire. Big brands like Colgate are also pioneering a fully HDPE mono material toothpaste tube to replace their traditional ABL tubes. The ABL tubes are made of multiple materials and are not easily recycled.

The benefits of mono material packaging include:

  • Easier and more efficient to recycle  
  • Consumers do not need to separate product before recycling
  • Environmentally friendly and improves sustainability
  • Promotes higher quality recycled products
  • Promotes a circular economy
  • Reduction of costs with future plastic taxes being legislated

It is estimated that consumer demand for mono materials will grow by 3.8% between now and 2025. The mono material packaging trend is gaining momentum and also being fueled by new legislation and tighter restrictions around recycling in California and Washington State. To learn more about California SB312 and the new reporting laws, click here to watch our video.

Mono Packaging Innovations


Polypropylene Jar
Jar available in a range of fill sizes. Both screw on cap and jar are created from the same polypropylene (PP) material, making recycling easier for the consumer, and more widely accepted by your local recycling facility. This product is suitable for a range viscous formulation of health and beauty products, such as scrubs, masks, and creams. Offered in a variety of colors and deco options. 



Aluminum Lip Tube
All Aluminum lip tube fill capacity 4+/-.5g. All components are created from aluminum and 100% Plastic Free. Suitable for Balms, lip and spot treatments. Offered in a variety of colors and deco options.




ABS, Polypropylene or PET Balm/ Deodorant Sticks
Available in a range of fill sizes, and materials. This style features a twisting bottom like traditional lip balm. This product is suitable for Balms, solid moisturizers, deodorants, sun sticks etc. Offered in a variety of colors and deco options.

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