What is Mono Material Packaging

Mono material packaging is a product that is made of just one type of material such as plastic, glass or resin. Components of the package are made from the same material. See an example of an aluminum tube with an aluminum cap below. Learn More


Mono Packaging Innovations

We offer a full line up of innovative mono packaging solutions, from Polypropylene Jars made of the same materials, to Aluminum Lip Tubes, Deodorant Sticks available in a range of sizes and materials. Learn More >


Fine Mist Sprayer Tubes

Our fine mist sprayer tubes can be manufactured with sustainable materials such as sugarcane, (PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic up to 100%. Sustainable materials are good for the environment, reduce carbon footprint, and consumers prefer sustainable packaging alternatives. Learn More >


Materials and Caps

We offer innovative Aluminum Tubes and caps made from the same material. Ask your sales representative for further details. Learn More >

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